Insulation Matters.

Discover which products are
best for your home

Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you need to make sure you get the right insulation installed in the right areas. Walls, attics, basements - there are special considerations for each.

By answering just a few basic questions, this tool will guide you to insulation solutions that will provide the Complete Comfort your family - and your home - deserves.

Insulation: It does more than you think.

It's time to think beyond countertops, cabinets and flooring to what's going inside your walls, because that's what affects your family's comfort - and even their health.


Insulation can and should do more than help maintain comfortable temperatures. So as you're planning to build or remodel a home, you need to understand that choosing the right insulation can help give your family Complete Comfort and protect the investment you're about to make.

What's to think about?

Energy efficiency and comfortable, consistent indoor temperatures, of course. That part - choosing the right R-value of your insulation - is pretty straightforward. But thanks to advances in building science, the types, and even the brand, of insulation products used in each area of your home can make a big difference in the other components of Complete Comfort: air tightness, noise levels and most importantly, moisture management - the ability to help reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth within your walls.

Why think about it now?

This one's easy: you need to think about it now because upgrading later is difficult, disruptive and expensive. For comfort, savings and protecting your investment in the long run, you need to make the right choices now.

Why CertainTeed?

CertainTeed offers the widest selection of high-performance insulation products available. Each product has been scientifically developed to provide the maximum level of comfort, protection and efficiency. Regardless of your location or the challenges of your project, whether the answer is fiber glass, spray foam, blown-in or a hybrid system, CertainTeed has the right solution.